Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Collecting Dust

Yikes...my blog has been collecting dust! I've kinda had tons of stuff going on and I actually did forget about it. But I'm back now to shake the dust off and get things updated. So far 2008 has been incredible! On New Year's Eve I chose to stay home and spend some time by myself and with God...it was the best decision I could have made. During the count down to midnight I started to think back to all the things I had been through in 2007 and I started to cry...bawl really. 2007 was an extremely hard, and trying and challenging year for me. I couldn't wait for it to be over and yet at the same time I was grateful for all I had learned (most of it the hard way). I made a list of things that I had done in 2007 that I would not allow to happen again in 2008: things like spread myself too thin, allow myself to be taken advantage of, say yes to every request asked of me, and always put myself and my desires last. That's just a few of the things but you get the idea. Then I made a list with the help of the Holy Spirit of the things I would do in 2008 and in the midst of writing the list out God spoke to me in an audible voice (only the second time in my life that's happened) and He said "you will have MASSIVE SUCCESS this year in every area for your life." Needless to say I was hyped! At that point I would have been satisfied with minor success but here was God telling me that my success would be Massive...I could hardly contain myself! I was sobbing all over the place, tears of release and of excitement. Ok...so that's how the year started. Stay tuned to see how God has already began to reveal His plans for this Massive Success He promised me...it's fantastic!!!!!!

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