Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 New Groups

We have 2 new Winning Groups starting this semester and I am so excited about them! They are focused on serving the ministry and community. The first is the Handy Mans Group led by Mike Priester. They will be ministering to families and individuals in the ministry and community who need help with the basics around the house. Things like cleaning up the yard, taking out storm windows, leaky pipes and so on. The other group is Serving the Community led by Malissa Ellis. They will be ministering to the same people just doing more of the cooking, cleaning, serving, clothing and visiting. The groups meet on alternating Saturdays at 3 pm. If you or someone you know needs some help, call either one of the leaders to schedule them to come and assist. Their contact info is in the new WG menu. Or if you are interested in giving back by giving of your time, we would love to have you join us!


Anonymous said...

It is such an honor to be apart of these wonderful groups that u have put so much of your love and time into.Thank u for beliving in me I would never have seen myself as leader.I LUV U. Akezia

Tomi Cardin said...

You're welcome! You have so much in you that is a blessing to others, this is just the beginning of what God can do with and through you. I love you too!